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29 Jun 2017

Trading Nifty Futures For A Living: By 'Chartless Trader' (Vol Book 1)

by Vikram Singh

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If you think that:-
a)Trading can not be done for living
b)Trading can not give you additional income by putting in hardly 15 minutes a day
c)Trading needs knowledge of charts and technical analysis like candlestick patterns, price patterns, various indicators like MACD, MA, RSI, studies like Elliot wave, Gann, etc.
d)Trading needs ability to predict market
e)Trading needs continuous updates on news
f)Trading needs winning at least 60-80% of trades
g)Trading is very stressful
h)Trading needs subscribing to tips service

then you are in for big surprise. Vikram Singh...

26 Jun 2017

Superhero (The Fusion Books, Book I)

by Dawn Snow

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Dawn left a patriarchal, American religion considered by most to be a cult when she was eighteen. Her twenties were filled with drugs, alcohol, and erratic relationships in the electronic dance music scene. At the age of twenty-four Dawn began to have dreams and experiences that released suppressed memories of things she never could have imagined. Falling in love triggered a major spiritual awakening, and from that point on she could no longer deny that ritual abuse occurred when she was a child.

As a response to that grim awareness, Dawn begins to have visions of heroic entities capable of rising above their own parallel...